2024 May Greenagers Crew repair Lake Mansfield Trails

The Greenager Crew was hired for a day to resurface the Christian Hill Trail entrance area, and then they came back! This time to volunteer a day which included 15 or so volunteers from the Steiner School to haul more surfacing material, and complete this major trail repair! We are so enormously grateful to be able to support this youthfilled contribution to the community and the environment! 

SEE PHOTOS: 2024 May Greenagers Crew repair Lake Mansfield Trails

2024 April Blowdown CleanUP on the Riverfront Trail - Job Done!

This spring has been a windy rainy one  resulting in blowdowns in many trail areas and the southern section of the Riverfront Trail on Brookside Road had a big vine covered white pine fall, blocking the trail and breaking 2 rails of the split-rail fence. Project Leader, Joe Maleady was quick to respond to a helpful email from a trail user alerting him to the problem! 



Lake Mansfield Road Construction Resumes April 8; Pedestrian Walkway Will Temporarily Close

3.27.24 information updated with new '24 start date

The chorus of Red-winged Blackbird is like a call to Action: It's Just Spring, the world is Mud - Luscious, time to get outside!
But be aware that the ambitious Improvement Construction will be resuming at Lake Mansfield, please read the following PSA from town planner Chris Rembold, and remember to honor closures so that this important work can be completely safely and promptly. 

After a brief winter shutdown, construction work on improvements to the Lake Mansfield area will resume on April 8th.