RIVER WALK says thank you to Ace Volunteers!

2023 THANK YOU to River Walk Volunteers!

TOGETHER we can do amazing work for our community, River Walk is just one of the GBLC  projects that depends upon your service.  Because of you: 

River Walk is there for all. Community members can enjoy a daily or weekly opportunity to connect with the beauty of the Housatonic River and to witness the seasonal changes reflected in the flowing water, trees, wildflowers, and wildlife. These experiences are life enhancing and powerful. 

2023: Kids meet snakes, frogs and salamanders at Lake Mansfield!

July 2023 Lake Mansfield: 

Each year we reach out to Tom Tyning so that kids and their families can gain new insights into the wild array of creatures that are to be found in our ponds, forests, and fields. 

Tom never disappoints and he never comes alone! His fellow travelers may include salamanders, frogs, toads and snakes who are introduced one by one so that every kid (of every age! ) can have a rare opportunity of seeing these remarkable creatures and learning about their life histories. 

Run For The Hills 2023 A Great Success

Many thanks to everyone who helped make our 13th annual road race a success! 

So many pulled together to support the Land Conservancy.
Bard College at Simon's Rock hosted our community event again this year. 38 volunteers worked together to make this annual fundraiser possible. 106 runners and walkers enjoyed a safe and joyful morning. 29 business sponsors allowed us to meet our fundraising goal. 

2023 Boat Launch Improvements Accomplished!

 Dale Abrams led a sturdy group of volunteers on the work at the boat launch to improve the lakeside habitat and make it more inviting for visitors. 

With permission from the DPW and Conservation Commission, the team shifted the large kiosk, moved boulders to happier places, installed coir logs to prevent runoff of new soil into the lake, regraded and tamped fresh topsoil, spread grass seed and then and covered the area with burlap to prevent erosion while seeds germinate. 

Check out the photos to see how an enormous amount of fun was had by All!