Enjoy the Beach Area and Trails! 

2022 Summer Programs:

Life Guards are provided by the Town of Great Barrington on Weekends: 6/4-6/5 and 6/11-6/12. Beginning June 17, life guards are at the lake 7 days a week through August 28 and on Labor Day weekend, September 3-5.  Due to staffing shortages, no swimming lessons are being  offered at this time. 

Lake Mansfield Nature Explorers Club 

Lake Mansfield Nature Explorers Club invites young explorers and their adult explorers on a joyful mission of discovery and problem solving in the natural world. We will play active nature games, investigate nature science, and create with nature arts. Most of all, our adventures will feed our sense of wonder about the world.

The Lake Mansfield Recreation Area is a community natural resource area featuring a 29-acre pond and the adjacent 29-acre Conservation Forest with a 1/4 mile easy walking loop trail. The area is a vital natural habitat and treasured community space. Visitors are responsible for their own safety and must be mindful of their impact on the delicate habitat and the enjoyment of others. The Lake, Beach Area, and Conservation Forest are owned by the town of Great Barrington and overseen by the Parks and Conservation Commissions. Stewardship is provided by Lake Mansfield Alliance with this community vision in mind:

We see Lake Mansfield as a protected ecosystem within Great Barrington where people, wildlife, and nature can coexist in a symbiotic relationship. The water is pure and free of exotic invasive plants. The native aquatic plants provide nourishment to fish, birds and wild animals. There is a natural buffer zone that surrounds the lake and the habitat there filters runoff and supports local wildlife.

The Lake Mansfield Improvement Planning Task Force works with the Town Planner to advise the Selectboard on the next steps needed to provide improvements for the Lake Mansfield Recreation Area that will support the health of the environment and provide safe access and recreational opportunities for all. See: Improvements at Knob Hill.

The Lake and Trail:

The pond is open to the public for seasonal recreation. Visitors are welcome. A parking area provides access to the sandy beach front, grassy shaded picnic area, swings, and forest trails. Portable toilets are available May through September. Visitors to the Lake Mansfield Recreation Area enjoy swimming, boating, picnicking, fishing, walking trails and nature watching. The beach area is closed to pets. Dogs are welcome to access the lake at the boat launch area. The Lake Mansfield Recreation Area allows for road and forest trail walks, giving visitors opportunities to enjoy the beauty and wildlife of the lake and forest. The Lake Mansfield Conservation Forest features an accessible trail network within a 29-acre woodland. The majority of the trail is built to accessible standards, including gentle slopes and a crushed stone trail surface. The shady trails provide a complement to the open lake.

Join us for yoga practice on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings at 8AM - 9AM from Ju;y 4 - August 27. The instructor, Senta Reis, is Kripalu trained and certified. Beginners are always welcomed and supported. Suggested donation is $10 per class. A portion of proceeds from class are donated to Lake Mansfield Alliance. 



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