The Mysterious Mustelids with Sue Morse

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Experience a fun- and fact-filled exploration of the world of the Mustelidae — the weasel family.  Learn why fishers aren’t cats and ermine aren’t evil.  Instead, these animals and other relatives, including mink, marten, otter, wolverine and badger, belong to the largest and most diverse order of carnivores on Planet Earth!  From the treetops to subterranean burrows, in both fresh and salt water habitats, these remarkable animals are bold, bright and determined wildlife neighbors.  They deserve our respect and conservation commitment.  Sue Morse’s amazing photography, personal stories and discoveries, as well as lots of tracking lore, are sure to fascinate your audience, including the youngest naturalists. Entire families will love learning what these often misunderstood animals are really all about! Event provided by:

Berkshire Environmental Action Team

Saturday wildlife tracking hikes at the Myrin Preserve in Great Barrington. 

Location: Monument Mountain High School Auditorium 600 Stockbridge Rd, Great Barrington, MA 01230

amazing photos of Fishers, weasels, river otters and more mustelids will be featured at this slide show program by Sue Morse.