May 24th Update: Lake Mansfield Rec Area closed till June 30th

Improvement Work at Lake Mansfield due to be completed by JUNE 3OTh 


Recreation Area Closed 


… even when there isn’t active work, even during evenings and weekends

Fences and barricades protect YOU and IMPROVEMENT WORK IN PROGRESS

Non-compliance leads to repair work, increased cost, and project delays

PLEASE STAY OUT and let the project proceed safely and quickly

This area will reopen by the end of June

Thank you for your support! 

Lake Mansfield Improvement Task Force, Town of Great Barrington

 Here is an important message from town planner, Chris Rembold: 

"The Lake Mansfield recreation project is on schedule, and contractors are working quickly to complete the major work by the end of June. On the lake road, which will become the non-vehicle recreation path, drainage has been installed, and new base material is being added where necessary. Pavement has been milled out and will serve as the base for the new paving of the recreation path. The pavement closest to the water’s edge will be permanently removed and replaced with vegetation.

By the middle of June, all paving should be completed, including in the parking lot at the beach area, and the beach area will be ready for summertime recreation use.

It’s likely that not all planting will be completed until the fall. We ask everyone to please stay out of areas where soils, grass, and plantings need time to grow and stabilize. And lastly, construction work area fencing is there for everyone’s safety. We know you are eager to reenter the Lake Mansfield space. You will be able to, soon, but please DO NOT ENTER areas that are fenced off." 

July 1st is our goal date for reopening the Lake to all, full details to come in our 2024 Spring Lake Mansfield Newsletter. To receive a printed or emailed copy, email:

Photos: Pavement is being removed to create a wider buffer zone and to allow the creation of a trail to replace the roadway along the lake edge. (C. ward)

The Lake Mansfield Recreation Area is in its final construction phase. It is closed now and due to reopen JULY 1st