GBLC Hosts Naturalist Arianna Alexsandra Collins to Teach About Wild Edibles

On Saturday, June 3, Great Barrington Land Conservancy hosted naturalist and wild edibles enthusiast Arianna Alexsandra Collins at Lake Mansfield to teach participants about wild edible and medicinal flora. She covered plants you can find on a lawn such as Plantain, White Clover, Red Clover, and Dandelion.  She also went over shrubs such as Lilac and Multiflora Rose, and wetland plants such as Cattails. Walking into the Conservation Forest we learned about Wood Nettle, Garlic Mustard, Eastern Hemlock, Black Birch, and White Pine. 

After our walk we sampled Nettle pesto and Nettle veggie salad made by GBLC Board member Christine Ward and sun teas of Rose, White Pine, and Lemon Balm made by Arianna. 

Arianna Alexsandra Collins is a professional consultant, writer, poet, and outdoor educator, specializing in natural science/natural history. She is a wild edibles enthusiast and loves sharing her experience with wild foods and medicines. Arianna is based in Ashfield MA. She offers workshops and individualized Land Inventories. You can find her at Offerings for Community Building. Follow Offerings for Community on Facebook for pictures and recipes, and read her Hearken to Avalon Blog which includes articles on wild edibles. Read her article in Northern Woodlands conducting a Wild Edibles Land Inventory and providing some recipes

Arianna offered several recommended resources to learn more about wild edibles: 

Arianna teaching about Eastern Hemlock
Arianna teaching about Eastern Hemlock, a coniferous tree; not to be confused with Poison Hemlock, an herbaceous plant. 


Arianna Alexsandra Collins Wild Edible Enthusiast