Volunteerism: Volunteer Hightlight Joseph Maleady

Joe Maleady mowingWe thank each of our volunteers and feel such gratitude for the ways in which you participate in GBLC. In our call for volunteers, today we will highlight a new volunteer: Joseph Maleady. 

GBLC President Janice Kabel writes of Joseph, “Joe has been an active volunteer on the Riverfront Trail since the spring. We were delighted when he offered to keep the sides of the trail and fence line clear, while preserving important species such as milkweed. Joe has had a mowing business and he takes a lot of pride in doing a thorough and neat job. He has been mowing the grassy sections and cutting back dense brush, as well as blowing leaves and seed pods to the side to keep the pathway clear. Joe has been an important part of our effort to  maintain this trail.”

Joe Maleady mowingAAC: How long have you been volunteering with GBLC? 

JM: This is my first year of volunteering with GBLC. I  moved down here full time in October, 2020 from Hoosick Falls, NY after getting married in late 2019. We walked the trail quite a bit. When spring rolled around and I saw the grass getting a bit long. I said to my wife that maybe I should come back down and start mowing it. She encouraged me to do so. A few days later I met a lady on my walk and we starting chatting. It just so happened that she was a board member - Jane Angelini - and she got me in touch with Janice Kabel and I jumped right into action and started mowing the trail!

AAC: What is your favorite volunteer activity? 

JM: My main job volunteering is mowing and weed trimming to keep the trail edges cut back for everyone  to enjoy. So I would have to say that is my favorite.  I love seeing how nice the trails look after mowing. Of  course, my wife and I are always looking out and moving fallen branches or even the occasional bigger tree limb that may have fallen onto the path during our almost daily walks.

AAC: What inspires you to volunteer specifically with GBLC? 

JM: What inspired me is that my wife and I love to hike and with this trail so close to our home we want to see it be here for a long time, as well as kept up. Being a new resident of Great Barrington I thought it would be a good way to meet people, both those that volunteer with the trail, as well as those who walk the trail. I always try and stop the mower while on the trail for both the safety of our guests (and their pups) and to also say a friendly hello to them. So far, I have had many friendly interactions and no complaints. 

_ _ _ _ _ 

Interviewer: Arianna Alexsandra Collins, GBLC Administrative Assistant


Joe Maleady mowing