View Recorded Community Meeting & Presention: Town's Dec. 6 Update on Lake Mansfield Improvement Plans

Dear Community Members,
As we welcome 2022, I am pleased to share a number of ways for you to learn about the improvement planning for Lake Mansfield.  

Remember. all Lake Mansfield Improvement Task Force meetings are open to the public and are posted on the Town of Great Barrington website

The meeting took place via Zoom, and the meeting link and agenda can be found on the town calendar, here.

The planning documents for the meeting can be found here.

The town’s engineering and landscape architecture team will present information and answer questions. Members of the Lake Mansfield Improvement Task Force will also join the meeting, and the public is invited, said Chris Rembold, town planner and assistant town manager, who will host the meeting.

The Lake Mansfield improvement plan is intended to address the following issues:

  • Stabilize the lake’s bank
  • Increase vegetated buffer zone to improve lake water quality
  • Reduce stormwater runoff
  • Convert the roadway into a new recreational path
  • Redesign parking and the beach area.
  • Change the roadway north of the beach to alleviate flooding and runoff problems.

In more detail, plans to be discussed include: 

  • Beach & Park Design Concept Improvements

A fully accessible path with handicapped access, from the redesigned parking lot through to the beach and into the park area

Relocation of bathrooms/changing rooms closer to the parking and beach areas

New playground equipment

  • Parking Area Improvements 

Stormwater management to prevent storm runoff from polluting the lake, as it does now. 

Accessibility improvements including gently sloped paths and designated parking spaces. 

Accommodate beach and trail users in a more organized fashion. 

Traffic loop so cars can turn around and head back north, since old road south of the parking area will be closed to vehicles, except to private pool club members and residents with driveways off Lake Mansfield Road.


  • Transformation of the Road to a Recreation Path

The recreation path will be moved as far away from the lake edge as possible. 

Lake edge will be stabilized and replanted to prevent erosion.

A vegetated buffer will be created to filter runoff prior to it entering the lake. 

There will be space for benches and fishing.

Any questions may be directed to Chris Rembold,

also see: Lake Mansfield Newsletter Spring 2021

Thank you for your interest, 

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