River Walk Tree ID Challenge: Winners take home trees!

River Walk was filled with great spring energy as young and old explored the trees of the upstream section as part of the Tree ID challenge. Thank you to Wards Nursery for donating two Paper Birch trees that were given to our raffle winners. On Arbor Day, two winners were selected. Alexander Christoulou  won the kids raffle. He promises to let his sister, Sofia, help care for their new tree. Lelia Braun won the adult raffle, she donated her tree to River Walk Volunteer, Olivia Conforti. Olivia is planning to give her birch tree to her dad for Father's Day. 

Tree signs are still up!  Visit River Walk to see our trees, emerging wildflowers, and the very active and beautiful Housatonic River. Remember, the trail is always there for you. 

Olivia Conforti, winner of the River Walk Tree ID Challenge, with her new birch tree


River Walk Tree ID Winner, Alexander and his sister, Sofia with the birch tree they won on Arbor Day.