Our Community Cares for Lake Mansfield!


For at least 14 years, Lake Mansfield Alliance has hosted an annual spring spruce-up day for Lake Mansfield. For the first time ever, this year's date was postponed and we had a beautiful weather day and were able to get lots of work done! Old friends met new neighbors. And we shared the latest news on the work of the town appointed Lake Mansfield Improvement Task Force.

Thank you to all who were able to participate and the many other Lake-minded folks that care for the lake as part of their weekly routine, picking up litter, removing garlic mustard and enjoying our treasured lake and forest.

This project is only made possible through Great Barrington Land Conservancy and through the generous donations of people like you.

Now we are ready for summer fun: swimming, fishing, walking, running, biking, birding, paddling and ..... drinking in the quiet beauty of our natural world.

To make a gift in support of this work.

Great Barrrington Land Conservancy, Lake Mansdfield 2019 Clean UP Day.