Fall 2018: Exploring the Pfeiffer Arboretum

Exploring the Pfeiffer Arboretum Fall 2018

  • Article and photos by Andrea Minoff

More than two dozen adults and children explored the Pfeiffer Arboretum on Long Pond Road on the outskirts of Great Barrington on Saturday, September 29.  The property, gifted to Great Barrington Land Conservancy (GBLC) in 1997 by the Pfeiffer family, has been extensively restored over the past year by Greenagers, a local jobs and community service group which engages teens and young adults in environmental conservation, sustainable farming and natural resource management. The Housatonic Heritage walk was led by GBLC Board Member and Past President Christine Ward, who spearheaded the work on the 38-acre preserve.


During the two-hour walk, Ward spoke about building bog bridging, removing invasives and installing species signs. She expounded on the plants and trees identified along the trail, including sugar maples, a tulip tree, ferns and maple leafed viburnum, among others.   The group walked to a viewing platform on Long Pond, a private reservoir and protected water supply for the village of Housatonic, and then returned on the .7 mile loop trail.


Captions for photos:

  1. A great family-friendly hike
  2. Discovering Christmas fern
  3. Viewing platform (Long Pond)


PS: If you would like to be included in our GB Trails email group to get information on upcoming events, guided hikes and excursions, just let me know (christine@GBLand.org ) Long Pond viewing platform at the Pfieffer Arbortum in Great Barrington MA

Visit our family-friendly trail at the Pfeiffer Arboretum.