Fall Tree Exploration - The Growth of Trees: A Journey Through Time (Sat. Sept 24th)

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Fall Tree Exploration: The Growth of Trees: A Journey Through Time

1:00 PM - 4:00 PM / venue to be announce.

PROGRAM FULL but send us and email to be added to our wait list Michael Wojtech is the author of Bark: A field Guide to Trees of the Northeast.

A fun, in depth, hands-on workshop and guided Walk with freelance naturalist, writer, photographer, illustrator and educator, Michael Wojtech. 

No single view of a tree is a fixed snapshot in time that tells the complete story. Join Michael and discover how trees grow, reproduce, and interact with their environment across days, weeks, seasons, and years and over varying scales—from the intricate details of buds, flowers, leaves, and bark that we use for species identification to the collaborative roles of trees in ecosystems.

Learn more about the function and experience the beauty of characteristics such as overwintering buds, lobed or toothed leaves, flowers by the thousands, and seeds that fly on the wind.

Plan for 3.5 – 4 hours workshop and outdoor exploration. 

Program limited to 25 participants. (Details provided upon registration)


Provided as part of the 2022 Housatonic Heritage Walks 

2022 Housatonic Heritage Walk Series event: Michael Wojtech

Fall Tree program with Michael Wojtech offered by Great Barrington Land Conservancy