Bobolinks! Guided Bird Walk at the McAllister Wildlife Refuge Sunday July 14th 8AM

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A loquacious community of ground nesting birds are building in population at the Town of Great Barrington's McAllister Wildlife Refuge. (Learn more ...) 

Great Barrington Land Conservancy invites you to this collaborative guided bird walk led by John Felton & Greg Ward, Hoffmann Bird Club.

Bring along your binoculars, we are certain to see many other bird species as well! 

Directions:  Heading South along Main Street, Great Barrington - Turn right onto Taconic Ave. which becomes Alford Rd, Turn left onto Haley Rd and go straight on to the dirt road, parking on the left. Please do not park on the resident side of the road. 

directions to McAllister Wildlife Refuge from Main Street, Great Barrington

The McAllister Wildlife Refuge is comprised of 94 acres of open fields and wooded areas adjacent to Haley Road and extending southwesterly to the Green River. The property was deeded to the Town in 1974 under the management of the Conservation Commission.

This program is supported by Berkshire Bird Observatory and Hoffmann Bird Club.

GBLC, the Hoffman Bird Club and Berkshire Bird Observatory are teaming up to improve community awareness about protecting nesting bobolinks.